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Copyright: Bukra


Address: Via Umberto I, 10

Zipcode: 90040 Roccamena, Sicilia

Country: Italy



Sire: Gazal Al Shaqab

Dam: Sanegors Lady D

Color: Lazaal

Year: 2006

Price category: Yes

Fresh: Yes

natural: No


Standing: Silver Star Arabian Training Center in Collaboration with Brugman Arabians

Contact: Sylvester De Meulemeester, T: +32475871991



Lazaal Gazal Al Shaqab Sanegors Lady D Anaza El Farid Kajora Simeon Sanegor Desert Taos Lady Ruminaja Ali Bint Deenaa Kaborr Edjora Simeon Saar Simeon Shirli Bright Bid Tarabin

Category: selection

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  1. Sy*09*er bid EUR1,400.00 on 24/02/2014 11:49
  2. de*13*ne bid EUR1,300.00 on 23/02/2014 23:37
  3. Sy*09*er bid EUR1,200.00 on 23/02/2014 21:17
  4. de*13*ne bid EUR1,100.00 on 23/02/2014 20:54
  5. Sy*09*er bid EUR1,000.00 on 23/02/2014 20:40 [auto]
  6. de*13*ne bid EUR900.00 on 23/02/2014 20:40
  7. Sy*09*er bid EUR800.00 on 23/02/2014 20:15

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