Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Futurity Show?

Our Futurity Show is an event where an unborn baby qualifies for a future show competition. The foal or yearling born out of the breeding can compete for an honorable championship with prize money for all of the top 5 competitors.

When does it take place?

The event in Aachen, Germany at the All Nations Cup. Please look for updates regarding the exact timetable.

How do I register for the A.F.E. website?

Click on the “Register” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Fill out the registration form, and submit your registration.

Registration for the A.F.E. website is validated, which means that after registration you will receive an email with your Validation Code. You will need to enter this code when you try to login to the website for the very first time.

Make sure that you enter your email address correctly! If you enter an incorrect email address, you will not receive the validation email and therefore will not be able to log on.

Click on “Login” in the upper right hand corner and fill in your username and password, click submit. The field “enter you validation code” will appear after you have submitted your login details. If you check the box “remember login”, then you won’t have to login the next time you visit the website as the computer will automatically remember your login status (“cookies” have to be enabled in your Internet Browser security settings)

How can I change my user details like password or address, and how can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter or become a bidding member?

After loggin in, you can click on your name (in the upper right hand corner) which opens the membership management window. Here you are able to de-register, change your password, address and so on, as well as subscribe to or cancel various Member Roles.

E.g. you could unsubscribe to be a Bidding Member (every registered User is a Bidding Member by default), and opt to only receive the membership newsletter but not be able to place bids in the Auction. You will find the various User Roles under the Membership Servces tab at the bottom of the page, including a short explanation of what they allow you to do.

How does bidding work? What is “proxy bidding”?

Ebay users will know the concept of “proxy bidding”, and the Arabian Futurity is using a similar feature.

The Arabian Futurity uses an automatic bidding system to make bidding more convenient and less time-consuming for bidders. There is nothing you have to set up in order to bid in this way. When you bid on an auction you will be placing bids using this method automatically.

Here’s how bidding on the Arabian Futurity works: 
When you place a bid, you can enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders won’t know your maximum bid amount.

The Arabian Futurity places bids on your behalf starting with the next bid increment for the auction. We’ll bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder. We’ll keep bidding for you until bidding reaches your maximum amount.

If another bidder has placed the same bid before you or a higher maximum bid, we’ll let you know that you’ve been outbid so that you can place another bid if you want. However, if no other bidder has a higher maximum bid at the end of the auction, you win the item even if your bid doesn’t go as high as your maximum bid. You could pay significantly less than your maximum price. This means you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed.

You won’t necessarily pay the amount of your maximum bid. The Arabian Futurity will increase your bid on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid position. Your maximum bid is kept confidential (until it is exceeded by another bidder).

Here’s an example:

The current bid for a Stallion is $1000. Tom is the high bidder. (Tom has placed a maximum bid of $1200 on this Stallion, but his maximum bid is kept confidential from other Arabian Futurity members.)

Laura views this Stallion and decides to place a maximum bid of $1500. Laura becomes the high bidder because her bid is greater than Tom’s bid.

A bid increment of $100 is added to Tom’s maximum bid of $1200. That means that Laura’s current bid is now $1300. Tom is sent an email that he has been outbid, and Laura receives an email that she is now the high bidder.

Another example:

The current bid is $2000. Tom’s high bid is $3000. Laura places a new maximum bid of $2900. She is notified that she has been outbid, because Tom’s maximum bid is high enough to include the mandatory bid increment of $100.

Last example:

The current bid is $5000. Tom’s high bid is $6000. Laura places a new maximum bid of $5910. She is now the new high bidder because Tom’s maximum bid of $6000 is not high enough to allow him to bid the next bid step (which would be $6010). The Current Bid is set to $5910 in this case.

Of course you do not have to enter your maximum bid right away. You can keep bidding as in the previous years. As long as your next bid is at least EUR 100, you can bid any amount you want, including bidding just the minimum required amount over the current bid. If you do that, you won’t even notice a difference between the new system and the old system.

I have registered and logged in, but I cannot bid for an auction. Why is that?

After a successful registration, your account has to first be approved in order to be eligible for bidding. This may take up to 24 hours, but usually less.

I have placed a bit one second before the end of the auction, but someone else won the auction! How can that be?

First of all, it’s not a good idea in general to wait until the last second to bid. The auction time you see on the website is an approximation of the actual server time, and may get out of sync. Also, it takes some time for a bid to process, and if a lot of bids are placed at the same time, this may take several seconds. You can see the actual time that your bid was logged in the “My Bids” page (visible as long as the auction is active).

There can be a couple of reasons why your bid didn’t win:

1) Someone else bid a split second before you, raising the minimum bid necessary. This can even happen if the other person bid the exact same amount as you! Tip: if you wait until the last moment, it may be a good idea to bid higher then the next Minimum Bid to counter this possibility. Another tip: read the bidding confirmation page and email! It will state if your bid is the current leading bid or not!

2) Your bid was not processed within the official auction time. Check your “My Bids” page for the logged time that your bid was processed.